Our Mission

Our Mission

The DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement, formerly the DentaQuest Institute and the DentaQuest Foundation, is passionate about and committed to revolutionizing oral health through implementation of meaningful change strategies that create an effective and equitable system that results in the improved oral health and well-being of all. To accomplish this, we engage in strategic grantmaking, focusing on ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of oral health care and finance; contribute to evidence-based care; and develop person-centered care programs. The DentaQuest Partnership focuses on areas that position us to make the greatest impact, including:

  • Leading the adoption of oral health, person-centered care models that include disease management programs, interprofessional initiatives, and preparation for a value-based system of care;
  • Pushing for a single, national, oral health measurement system, and;
  • Advocating for a public adult dental health benefit to expand access.

The DentaQuest Partnership, a nonprofit entity, is part of the DentaQuest family of organizations whose mission is to improve the oral health of all.

Questions? Please contact us at: PartnershipInfo@dentaquest.com.