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Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors

About the Grant

This investment supports ASTDD to develop a standardized protocol and guidelines for the collection of Emergency Department data for possible inclusion in national data sets such as the National Oral Health Surveillance System (NOHSS). Specifically, ASTDD will conduct a literature review and create a report that analyzes and summarizes the similarities and differences about how hospital ED data are collected, analyzed, and used. Despite the fact that states continuously collect ED data for non-traumatic dental problems (NTDP), there is currently no standardized prototcol for the collection or analysis of this data, and thus, policymakers do not have adequate data to make informed decisions. Development of a standardized protocol for ED data collection and analysis will iluminate a more complete picture of ED use for non-traumatic dental problems and will result in more efficient utilization of scarce resources for individuals who do not have an established dental home. $132,946 will be used to support personnel time, travel, communication and meeting expenses, and consultants and contract employees’ time to author and contribute to the Best Practice Approach Report and subsequent evaluation. This proposal aligns with Oral Health 2020 Goal 3: Comprehensive national oral health measurement system and the target that by 2020 there is a national and state-based oral health measurement system in place.