Primary Approaches

Center for Oral Health

About the Grant

California: This investment supports the Center for Oral Health to increase medical-dental integration at school-based health centers in Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), partner with Western University to support interprofessional collaborative practice and education and increase dental homes for LAUSD students through an expanded network of agencies and providers, and explore financially-sound business practices that contribute to the sustainability of integrating oral health into school-based health settings. In support of the Wellness Networks developed in partnership with LA Trust, the proposed work aims to develop linkages between schools and dental homes, ensuring that those students with acute care needs have access to care and oral health education where they are. In addition, as children enter school, there will be a warm-handoff and the supporting infrastructure in place to ensure that they continue to have their oral health needs met. $275,000 will be used to support personnel time, travel, and contracted services. The proposal aligns with the Oral Health 2020 Targets of integrating oral health into patient-centered care models 75% of children reaching age 5 without a cavity.