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Children Now

About the Grant

Support to Children Now to implement a plan to engage California’s dental, medical, health plan, advocacy, and direct service communities in improving low-income children’s access to and utilization of oral health care services in order to increase the percentage of those children in good oral health. Children now will engage dental and health plans in the Los Angeles Prepaid Dental Health Plan (LA PDHP) stakeholder process in facilitating primary care provider and dentist education and collaboration to improve children’s access to oral health services. Children Now will also monitor the transition of over 900,000 children from Healthy Families to Medi-Cal by working with key stakeholders to build consensus around and implement oral health care access and quality measures. These metrics will inform the development of California’s pediatric oral health plan to increase dental utilization services for children in CHIP and Medicaid. Children Now was a member of MRMIB’s core planning team and has transitioned to proposing grantee due to the transition of Healthy Families children to Medi-cal.