Primary Approaches

Delaware Department of Health and Social Services

About the Grant

Continued support to the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services to begin the Implementation Phase of the Oral Health 2014 Initiative, and to realize their vision of impact that: Delaware residents will achieve the benefits of having good oral health as a result of issue-focused advocacy, public awareness of the benefits of oral health, and the adoption of community interventions and healthy behaviors. Activities during implementation will include: the development and execution of an oral health literacy campaign; a strengthened partnership with the Delaware Oral Health Coalition to act as a convening body for the development and execution of a revised state oral health plan; and the development and implementation of a case management system to find dental homes for children in the state. Delaware’s activities over the next two years will align with the Foundation’s focus on eradicating dental disease in children as many components of the literacy campaign and state oral health plan will promote systems improvements that support young children’s oral health needs. Grant funds will support staff guidance of the implementation plan, overhead costs related to the execution of the plan, and consultant support to facilitate the process and design the literacy campaign.