Primary Approaches

Florida Press Educational Services/Tampa Bay Times Newspaper in Education

About the Grant

Florida: This investment supports the Newspaper in Education cooperative effort between schools and the Tampa Bay Times to encourage the use of newspapers as an educational resource; the newspaper provides teachers with informational text that engages students and relates academic learning to real-world experiences and serves educators, students and families in the six-county Tampa Bay region of Florida. To address the urgent need of the high number of underserved families NIE and its partner West Coast District Dental Association will create and distribute a curriculum supplement focused on oral health, hygiene, prevention, healthy habits and information about Medicaid and the ACA, community resources for low-cost dental care. Grant funds will be used for printing, insertion and distribution costs. Three options of investment will support a circulation ranging from 420,000, 247,000 and 140,000. Grant funding will support their goal to increase awareness about the importance of oral health, to encourage families to seek care and to increase access to care among underserved populations. In addition this grant will also support the educational interaction among students and teachers using newspaper as an educational resource regarding oral health.