Primary Approaches

Foundation for Children

About the Grant

Continued funding to support Foundation for Children to recruit and train medical and pediatric practices and residency programs to improve oral health screening, advice, referrals, and fluoride varnish application. Activities during implementation will include: recruiting and training practices including community health centers, private practices, and residencies; increasing the number of practices that adopt and maintain the oral health programs in their practices; incorporating oral health education into Medical School curriculum and interprofessional training; building in mechanisms for sustainability; and sharing learnings at regional and national meetings including presentations at NCOH and FMEC. Foundation for Children’s activities align with the Foundation’s focus on the eradication of dental disease in children by increasing the number of clinicians delivering preventive oral health care, expanding access and helping to inform adoption of policies that encourage financial incentives to ensure long-term sustainability of patient-centered care delivery initiatives. Grant funds will support the personnel and consultant time to engage and train practices face-to-face, supplies, travel, and website development to maintain information about state policy and training options.