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Foundation for Children

About the Grant

Continued support to the Foundation for Children will allow the Collaborative to build upon the progress made during the last year by increasing the number of nondental clinicians delivering preventive oral health care, expanding access and helping to inform adoption of policies that encourage financial incentives to ensure long-term sustainability of nontraditional care delivery initiatives. The project leverages existing state programs engaging nondental clinicians in oral health throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Maine and incorporates key lessons learned by each program to expand the impact at a regional level. This award has the potential to positively impact access to preventive oral health care beyond the four New England states and should build on progress made in other regions in the U.S. to attain results that have national reach and relevance. The new funding will provided funding support for an explicit shared learning capacity between the 4 states and an opportunity to include other key statewide programs that have achieved success.