Primary Approaches

About the Grant

Continued support to Kentucky Youth Advocates to begin the Implementation Phase of the Oral Health Initiative, and to realize their vision of impact that: partners will be engaged across the state to create a collaborative oral health literacy campaign designed to educate parents, activate policymakers, inspire health professionals, and engage communities to create optimal oral health for all. Activities during implementation will include: engagement of interprofessional providers in the support of oral health prevention by leveraging the Smiles for Life educational curriculum to increase knowledge and buy-in on the importance of oral health across the state; conducting a statewide parental education and engagement program to support the parental role in children’s oral health; and systemic modifications to oral health screening policies in Kentucky public schools. Kentucky’s activities over the next two years align with the Foundation’s focus on oral health incorporation into school systems, and the eradication of dental disease in children by improving the oral health assessment process in the public schooling system across the state, and educating and engaging parents and providers about their role in supporting he oral health of young children in Kentucky. Grant funds will support staff guidance of the implementation plan, overhead costs related to the execution of the plan, and consultant support to advise the development of the education and engagement strategy identified above.