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More Health, Inc.

About the Grant

Continued support to More Health to support future activities that expand upon the base of local oral health coalitions built through their work, and to capitalize on the experience gained from the educational media outreach campaigns, with a goal of achieving sustainable policy change. More Health’s coalition serves as a model for other local coalitions in Florida and as a thought leader for the educational outreach activities of the statewide coalition, Oral Health Florida. More Health has worked diligently to educate the public about the connection between oral health and overall health, to improve infrastructure, and to remove barriers to oral health care in Hillsborough County Florida. More Health staff was able to engage key stakeholders in the community who were concerned about oral health, and that engagement led to the growth of the Hillsborough County Oral Health Coalition and the formation of a second coalition in neighboring Pinellas County. Funding to support staff and facilitated communication between coalition members has been a significant contribution to the success of More Health’s coalition building efforts. Additional funding will allow More Health to have an even greater impact to expand educational opportunities and to cultivate additional coalition development.