Primary Approaches

National Children's Oral Health Foundation

About the Grant

Support to the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation for The America's ToothFairy Youth Mentoring Initiative which provides a highly expandable and measurable revolutionary model that is designed to elevate the importance of oral health, highlight the inextricable link between oral and systemic health and encourage positive behavioral change. By building a nationwide oral health mentoring program through a network of student-driven community service groups and established youth organizations, motivated teens will be equipped with appropriate tools and knowledge to inspire peers and younger children to engage in positive oral health behaviors. This mentoring initiative is positioned to integrate oral health education into mentoring activities conducted by existing national organizations providing social services including Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA), youth networks and student community service groups. By providing youth organizations and student leaders with America's ToothFairy Community Education Kits, comprised of engaging oral health lessons in English and Spanish, children and teens will acquire valuable knowledge about preventing tooth decay that they can share with their families, improving the overall community prevention and care infrastructure. Engagement of trained youth mentors will help ensure delivery is effective and resonates with teenagers, pre-adolescents and younger children in local communities. Utilizing tested educational materials, reviewed by the NCOHF Scientific Advisory Board, mentors will improve oral health literacy by sharing knowledge with their peers and young children as well as positively reinforcing their personal healthy behaviors. Appealing to national organizations and students by enhancing their current youth leadership activities, this turnkey mentoring program is easily adopted and executed within any civic or educational setting.