Primary Approaches

Oral Health America

About the Grant

Support to Oral Health America (OHA) to support the Wisdom Tooth Project Web Portal, now known as The goal of this portal is to provide older adults and their caregivers the resources to inform them about the importance of oral health as we age, particularly the importance of prevention; connects older adults to resources needed to access care; as well as create a singular place where dental professionals, medical professionals, allied health professionals and older adult advocates can find resources, connect and build the community needed to make systematic change that is needed to improve the oral health of older adults. However, in order to educate older adults to improve their oral health, and create a community that can drive change, OHA will engaging a Public Relations/Communications firm with the expertise and assets to collaborate with us on a successful campaign. The strategy includes outreach to the dental industry and grassroots stakeholders as well as the general consumer, utilizing both a national and targeted local outreach.