Primary Approaches

Oral Health America

About the Grant

This investment supports the Oral Health America (OHA) to develop resources and relationships within and outside the dental community to create a system change leading to mandatory inclusion of adult dental benefits under Medicare and Medicaid. OHA’s strategies include developing advocacy tools to launch a grassroots movement, exploring funding models that demonstrate cost savings through Medicare coverage, updating state-level oral health data to include information on Medicaid, engaging media to raise consumer and legislative awareness, and building a multi-disciplinary coalition of external and internal partners to champion the Medicare and Medicaid movement. This work will focus on effective strategies and roadmaps as well as engagement of national and state-based advocacy groups. $299,450 will support the staffing, convening capacity, development of online community, publication of Medicare-related data, and media outreach. The proposal aligns with the Oral Health 2020 Goal of mandatory inclusion of an adult dental benefit in publicly funded health insurance and the specific target that Medicare includes a comprehensive dental benefit.