Primary Approaches

Oral Health Colorado

About the Grant

Support to Oral Health Colorado (OHCO) to implement a plan to develop an in-school oral health model that is sustainable, evidence-based and data driven. Implementing the Colorado In-School Oral Health Initiative is a strategy that potentially impacts the oral health status of children throughout Colorado in a new and coordinated fashion. Since OHCO is an advocacy and communications coalition, not a service provider, the scope of the project is limited to developing and disseminating tools and information that will enable Colorado communities to initiate effective and sustainable in-school oral health programs, and will encourage direct access (independent) dental hygienists to incorporate in-school oral health programs into their practices. Effectively utilizing the strategic levers of Community Education, Professional Education, and Community Engagement and Advocacy, OHCO will engage three “collaborating communities” to assist with implementation. In the next two years, OHCO will develop their tool kit, test its effectiveness, and achieve its vision (to make sure Colorado communities have the tools to ensure that elementary and middle school aged children have access to preventive oral health care and a dental home).