Primary Approaches

Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics

About the Grant

Pennsylvania: This investment supports the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (PAAAP) to act as the backbone organization for a collective impact model shaped around the eradication of dental disease in young children. PAAAP will partner with the Pennsylvania Head Start Association, the Pennsylvania Coalition for Oral Health, and the Pennsylvania Association of Community Health Centers to implement a statewide collective impact model that focuses on health policy, community based prevention and care delivery services, provider training and education, and improving financing of preventive services to promote efficiency and sustainability. Specific outputs will include: a revision of the Pennsylvania State Oral Health Plan; engagement of policymakers around the importance of oral health; increased fluoride varnish application in community based nondental settings; improved oral health literacy through education delivered by WIC and Head Start centers; development and dissemination of consistent oral health messaging and resources statewide; and delivery of oral health training to primary care providers using the Smiles for Life Curriculum as part of the EPIC Oral Health training program. This proposal will support improvement across all four systems, and will address the core components of each driver associated with the Oral Health 2020 Target of 75% of children reaching age 5 without a cavity. $597,517 will support the coordination and implementation of the proposed work across four organizations and include staff time, travel and meeting expenses, and project materials.