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Pew Charitable Trusts

About the Grant

Funding to support Pew’s national fluoridation conference, Investing in Prevention: Strategies for Advancing Oral Health held May 15-16 in Washington D.C. The conference will bring together fluoridation leaders including policy makers, health professionals, local leaders, advocates, and others promoting community water fluoridation. The conference will show the Campaign for Dental Health’s leadership and vision, and will insure that advocates across the country are better equipped to advance and protect water fluoridation. In addition, Pew plans on inviting a subset of participants to an additional spokesperson training session to help these fluoridation leaders build their communication and advocacy skills. The conference aligns with the Foundation’s commitment to strong community prevention and care infrastructure by building a national fluoridation movement and disseminating valuable information needed to promote Community Water Fluoridation and to counter anti-fluoride information. Grant funds will be used for travel and accommodations for participants and speakers, catering expenses, audio/visual equipment rental, and on-site assistance.