Primary Approaches

University of the Pacific

About the Grant

Support to the University of the Pacific in the enhancement and expansion of policy supporting the Virtual Dental Home (VDH) model, an innovative, community-based, geographically distributed oral health delivery system targeted towards underserved communities. Activities during implementation will include: expanding access to services and integrating oral health with other communities; exploring and evaluating regulatory and financing mechanisms that will align payments with oral health outcomes; partnering with networks that will spread knowledge and develop an actionable plan for a pilot project. The University of the Pacific aims to develop a blueprint for a purchasing system that will reward and incentivize positive oral health outcomes. The University of the Pacific’s activities will support DentaQuest Foundation’s commitment to the alignment of payment with evidence, prevention, disease management and outcomes; policy which allows expanded workforce; and care based on evidence, prevention, disease management and outcomes. In support of the Oral Health 2020 goals, the program will support the Foundation’s focus on incorporating oral health into the primary education system by developing school champions and education staff, expanding alternative workforce models and providing oral health education for students and families. Grant funds will cover personnel and consultant time to support the implementation of the plan and overhead and material costs associated with the plan’s execution.