Our Story

Our Story

With over 130 grantee partners in 35 states and at the national level, the oral health network is transforming the national dialogue and reshaping the landscape of action on behalf of oral health. Here’s what they’re doing.

Oregon Primary Care Association Keeps Oral Health in Coordinated Care Organizations

Zoe Reese describes how the Oregon Primary Care Association is bringing providers and networks together to meet the state's goals for coordinated care.

Marshfield Clinic Wisconsin: Oral Health in Chronic Disease Management

Joseph Kilsdonk, AuD, MS, Education Division Administrator on how Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin is helping people better understand the importance of oral health when they’re looking at ways to control their diabetes.

The Nurse's Role in Oral Health Education and Disease Prevention (OHNEP)

As Judith Haber, PhD, AAPRN, BC FAAN, Associate Dean Graduate Programs at NYU College of Nursing says, the nursing profession is working to prevent dental disease and promote good oral health.

In Colorado, Adult Medicaid Dental Benefits are a Big Win

As Karen Cody Carlson, Executive Director of Oral Health Colorado, tells it, the Colorado oral health community was prepared for action when Governor John Hickenlooper targeted adult dental benefits as one of the state's top three winnable battles for the 2013 legislative session.

L.A. Trust/L.A. Unified School District: Oral Health for Academic Success

Maryjane Puffer, Executive Director, The L.A. Trust, and community partners developed a successful community program to deliver oral health services at two elementary school campuses.

Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center: Fairness and Equity in Oral Health

The Get Hip about Oral Health campaign is getting young people of color to understand pathways for action to maintain their teeth.  It's about fairness and health equity.

University of Iowa Public Policy Center: ACA and the Dental Care Safety Net

Peter Damiano, DDS, MPH, Director of the University of Iowa Public Policy Center, is assessing the capacity of the private and public side of the oral health safety net, producing data that will give all a better understanding of the implications of the ACA on access to care. Oral Health Resources for Older Adults

Dora Fisher, MPH, Manager of Oral Health America's Tooth Wisdom Project, reviews resources available in the website.

RI’s TeethFirst! Champions Early Dental Visits

Katy Chu, Communications Coordinator and Jill Beckwith, Deputy Director of RI Kids Count, know age one dental visits help promote lifelong good oral health.