Annual Reports

Annual Reports

Paths to Prevention

Poor oral health has the potential to impact each of us from childhood, through our work years, and into retirement. Our task is to build paths to prevention for all. This is where our present and future meet. Our goal is to end dental disease in children and improve lifelong oral health. Prevention is the way. Our grantees and partners are taking the lead. 

Improving the Oral Health of All ... Together

This is an optimistic time to be engaged in supporting optimal oral health. For too long, oral disease was the issue pushed to the back burner of health discussions. Today, across the United States, and in many different ways, the dynamics are shifting and stakeholders of all kinds are finding new ways to take action to make sure people have access to quality oral health care.

A Partner for Change

The investments that the DentaQuest Foundation has been making over the past several years have established a framework that enables us to respond to America's oral health challenge with forethought and competence. Please join us in our quest for optimal oral health for all.

Making Connections that Improve America's Oral Health

Ten years ago, Surgeon General Dr. David Satcher called attention to the silent epidemic of dental and oral diseases causing needless pain and suffering, economic and social harm, and diminished quality of life for our more vulnerable neighbors. That report helped refine the focus of our newly formed Foundation. The U.S. Surgeon General’s Call to Action (2003) has guided our work in improving oral health.