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Grassroots Engagement Initiative

Grassroots Engagement Initiative

Over the past few years, the DentaQuest Foundation’s grantmaking strategy has focused on engaging partners at the national (“grasstops”) and state (“grassmiddles”) levels.  As this network of committed partners continues to grow, and impact is seen across the country, it has become clear that a critical voice at a third level of network is critical to the continued success of the Oral Health 2020 movement.

The Grassroots Engagement Initiative seeks to engage those most directly impacted by oral health inequity.  Grassroots grantees have been funded with the goal of lifting up the needs and values of populations at the local, grassroots level.  These organizations come from six states (Arizona, California, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Virginia) with partnerships and infrastructure already in place that could provide support these new allies.

The 20 community-based organizations participating in this initiative range from direct service providers to advocacy organizations, and are active in the pursuit of social justice for a diverse number of populations.  Over the next year, they will work to integrate oral health into their existing outreach agenda and will work to improve the public perception of oral health within their communities.

For more information on the Grassroots Engagement Initiative and for a complete list of grantees, please read our press release